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Frequently asked questions

How many people can my floor accommodate?

10x10ft (3.1×3.1m)* – Suitable for parties up to   60 guests and around   25 dancers
12x12ft (3.7×3.7m)* – Suitable for parties up to   80 guests and around   35 dancers
14x14ft (4.3×4.3m)* – Suitable for parties up to 100 guests and around   50 dancers
16x16ft (4.9×4.9m)* – Suitable for parties up to 150 guests and around   65 dancers
18x18ft (5.5×5.5m)* – Suitable for parties up to 250 guests and around   80 dancers
20x20ft (6.1×6.1m)* – Suitable for parties up to 300 guests and around 100 dancers
* Sizes are of the floor and do not take into account edging at 5″ wide – 125mm

How long will it take to install a white starlit dance floor?

We estimate on average the white LED starlit or starlight dance floors take 30 minutes to install
but each event is a little different so can take a little longer but our aim is to have it laid and polished within the hour.

Can I control the lighting?

Yes, there are 6 different speed settings plus all on and all off modes on the remote control.

What shape is the dance floor?

The dance floor can be square, rectangular size. Also, as a walkway (aisle) attached to the dance floor or only just a walkway. Most of the times size and shape depends on the space available and customer preference.

What happens if we get fault during the event?

Our dance floors are made in UK using the latest technology and are very reliable. Each floor is tested following installation and contact details are left with the client to contcat us anytime during the event.

What surface can a dance floor be installed on?

Any flat hard surface inside a building/covering. LED dance floors are not suitable to be laid direct onto a grass or outside.

Will you deliver and collect it?

Yes, we deliver, set up and dismantle our dance floors. We take care of everything to ensure you have a great experience with us.

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

We are based in North West London covering whole London and can deliver Nationwide.

Do you have public liability insurance & portable appliance test certificates?

Yes, we have. They are essential part of our business.

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